Health and care data under your control Discover Helm

What can Helm do for you?

Helm helps you to manage and control your own care and wellbeing. It will revolutionise access to personal data, starting with your medical information and expanding to include secure data from other sources. It will enable you to use your health and care data to make more informed decisions about your wellbeing choices.

Your health records in your pocket

Important information about you - wherever and whenever you go on mobile, tablet or computer.

Safe and secure

Protected data via a secure network, Helm is tested to ensure data is kept safe at all times.

Contribute your own information to Helm

Developed with you in mind

Secure and encrypted data

It’s just the beginning

We think that Helm has huge potential to transform the way people use their health and care information. But we need your feedback to make sure that Helm includes data that is useful and accessible to you.

Take control. Take the Helm.

Helm is a smart, seamless digital experience you’ve been waiting for. It is revolutionising access to personal data, giving you more information, control and choice in healthcare, and in the future other public services too, all with a single login.

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