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We want Helm to help everyone, so we’re always looking to add features that enable you to take an active role in your own health and care.

Here are some examples of current features…

Three things about me

Add three things that you feel are important for people involved in your healthcare to know about you. A clear way to communicate your priorities.

Health information

You’ll find lots of information to help look after yourself, including information about local services and activities in Leeds.

Health information A-Z

A guide to a diverse range of health conditions, warning signs and treatments, including what to do when you get help.

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NHS Live Well

Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about health and wellbeing, from exercise to healthy eating.

Social prescribing

Links and contact information for local services and activities in Leeds, aiming to improve wellbeing through support in the community.

Elderly woman in a wheelchair with grey hair surrounded by blue circle

Information about mental health and support for people over 16 years of age in Leeds, with contact information and useful links.


Information for young people living in Leeds looking to understand emotional wellbeing and mental health, including links to advice and support.


The place to find out about online mental health treatment for those over 17 years of age registered with a GP in Leeds.

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