NHS login Tips

Tips for using NHS login- shared by other Helm users

A little reminder…Why do I need NHS login?

NHS login makes sure that only people who have proven who they are can access their Helm accounts. NHS login is reusable meaning that once you set up your NHS login username and password, you can use it for other apps such as NHS App or wherever you see ‘NHS login’.


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How long does it take to set up NHS login?

To set up your NHS login, you will need to submit some information. NHS login will check this information and it could take up to 2 hours (in most cases it is much quicker) for this to be complete. Once this is done, the next time you log in, you just need to enter your username and password.


How do I set up NHS login?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can take a picture of your ID and upload it together with a video of yourself for the NHS login team.
  2. Ask your GP for 3 pieces of information and send it to NHS login.

This video explains the NHS login process: https://youtu.be/6FFjGUW6s7E


If you are having a tough time with NHS login…

Some users told us about issues they had when setting up NHS login and we have some tips for you:

How do I find my NHS number?

Your NHS number can be found by following the instructions here.

Alternatively, your NHS number can be found by contacting your GP practice.

My uploaded picture was rejected. Why?

The most likely cause is a glare (a light reflection) on your image. Make sure you take the picture in a darker area with no flash and you can read all of the items on your photo clearly.

I get a message that my browser is not compatible with the site. Why?

NHS login is less likely to work with some browsers (programs you use to access the internet). Until this is fixed, please avoid using Internet Explorer or Safari.

What information should I ask from my GP?

You should only contact your GP if you do not want to use your ID to prove who you are. Your GP practice will not be able to assist you with NHS login issues.
Three pieces of information you should ask for:
1. A Linkage Key – Your GP practice may call this a Passphrase. This is different to the password you use to log into your GP system.
2. An ODS Code. Your GP practice may call this an Organisation Code or Practice ID
3. An Account ID
GP Practices should be aware of NHS Login and be able to give you the above information. If your GP Practice cannot find this information, please let us know by contacting info@myhelm.org and we will send them some helpful guidance.

Advice for iOS (Apple device) users who experience issues.

Make sure that smart punctuation is turned off on your device.
To turn smart punctuation off, go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and then turn off the “Smart Punctuation” setting (making sure that the switch is not on green).

I didn’t get the text with 6 digits, what should I do?

First check that your mobile number is correct. If it is not, contact the NHS login team here. If the mobile number is right and you are still not getting a text, please email info@myhelm.org and we will look into it.

I already use NHS App. Do I need to set up NHS login again to access Helm?

No, you do not. Just click the ‘Log In’ button and use your username and password.

What is an identity score?

During the NHS Login set up process, each part of the process is assigned a number. A higher number means that the NHS Login is more confident to confirm who you are. You do not need to do anything with this score.